Narativ Cards, Narativ 1.0
The definitive edition of the modern Tarot! Simple, easy and intuitive!

"Narativ Cards 1.0" is a card deck that helps you get inspired and have fun. App version "Narativ 1.0" iOS and "Narativ 1.0" Android are also available. When you're stuck for ideas, you can refer to 40 hints to develop your ideas. Based on general tarot, which is a collection of the wisdom of our ancestors, it is incorporated ideas from narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and quantum mechanics, reinterpreting the meanings to fit modern situations and making them more intuitive to use.

The card deck inlcudes 40 cards, manual and special bag.

In app version "Narativ 1.0", there are two modes you can use, Music Mode and Thinking Mode. (You can use it for free except for the 3-card thinking mode. Once you pay, you can use the 3-card thinking mode all the time.)

In Music Mode, you can combine the sounds that represent each hint to come up with creative ideas or simply relax by listening to them. You can even use the generated ambient music as background music for meditation or yoga. There are 9,880 possible combinations of ambient music, which can play continuously for about 5,764 minutes or approximately 96 hours, producing different sounds.

Think of Thinking Mode as a "mirror tool" to objectively understand how you react to certain hints. To find good ideas, you need not only strong will but also objectivity. In the field of psychology, this is called "metacognition." The themes and chosen images can be recorded each time, creating a history of your thinking.

This app is made by a Japanese musician Yoshio Machida through his experience and inspired by Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies. Illustration is by a Serbian artist Mileta Postić. Analyzing traditional tarot, recapturing it with modern pictures and themes, incorporating the ideas of counseling such as Narrative Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and creating it through various reading experiences. It functions as a traditional "fortune-telling", and as a tool to create opportunities to come up with ideas on creative and artistic activities. It can also be used as a training tool for business presentations.

Yoshio Machida
A Tokyo-based musician, he studied contemporary art, music and video at Tama Art University. He has engaged in international development and cooperation work in Asia and Africa. He has composed music for 12 solo projects, 10 band/group projects, and various compilations, and has participated in music festivals and tours in 16 countries. He has also workshops at orphanage, elementary school and institute. He has composed soundtracks for Van Cleef & Arpels exhibitions and TV documentaries. https://yoshiomachida.com

Mileta Poštić
Born in 1970, Mileta Poštić is Serbian artist who earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of South Carolina in the USA and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Portsmouth in UK. He has had solo exhibitions in Berlin, Seoul, Johannesburg, Chicago, Belgrade and Novi Sad. He taught animation at universities in seven countries on four continents. He is a storyboard director for ILBE Entertainment and an owner and director of Animation studio Furuna since 2019. His art book "Mileta's 111 Recipes for an Extremely Happy Life", which spans the fields of comics and contemporary art, was selected as one of the "Best Comics of 2017" by world-renowned comic critic Paul Gravett. http://miletapostic.blogspot.com

Narativ Narativ バナー画像